Group Inventory

The primary purpose of AA is to carry the message to the Alcoholic who still suffers.  To identify our strengths and opportunities in this area, we conducted a group inventory.  There were two principal activities:

  1. We conducted an online survey of members to identify areas of concern that needed to be discussed.  You can see the results here.
  2. We had a pot luck meal to discuss the issues facilitated by an outside member of AA with experience with the 12 traditions.

Based on the inventory, there was a desire to create more of a sense of community across our meetings, and create a stronger online presence to reach anyone who might benefit from AA in our local community.  Therefore, we decided to launch two initiatives:

  1. We are launching a Birthday/Speakers meeting on the first Friday night of the month to celebrate birthdays in the previous month
  2. We launched this website and online community.

We will discuss these and other matters at our monthly Business Meeting that is held the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.