service position template test

Specific Duties

Experience or Skills Required

1. Ideally previous experience as a GSR or Intergroup Rep and attendance at GSR school or equivalent to ensure that overall approach considers traditional AA approaches to service, traditions, anonymity, attraction versus promotion and other key concepts 2. Familiarity in the application of 12 Traditions & Concepts at the group level, especially the ability to proactively identify and surface possible issues for group consideration 3. Good understanding of technologies being considered for use in projects, particularly their implications for privacy, anonymity, and ease of use 4. Ability to synthesize informed group conscience into usable 'products' and 'features' for use in delivering AA message to the newcomer, the public, and for homegroup members. 5. Interest in helping AA evolve into the online world and willingness to contribute to various online service groups such as Technology in AA (

Current Trusted Servant

Term of Position

2 years

Current Term Ends