Website update meeting

Website Update meeting needed

My apologies for not making the business meeting tonight because of a previous commitment.

We’re in the process of turning over the role of Digital 12th Step Chair to Mark and need the group’s input.  It will take more than the limited time available at the regular business meeting so I’d like to ask that the Group pick a time for a 2 hour meeting for interested parties with the following agenda:

  • Quick review of history of the site (why we built it, how it was used, experience so far)
  • Lessons learned from site, newsletter, area and district online meeting schedule efforts
  • Desired accessibility, content, and technology changes and updates
  • Roles and responsibilities for implementation of changes

The original goal of the site was to make it easier for newcomers to find our meeting and find information about AA generally, and to create a platform for communications across meetings within the group.

Over the past 2 years we’ve generated over 43,000 impressions on Google search results resulting in over 8,600 page views by over 2,000 visitors to our site.

Our internal communications has been somewhat less successful.  I think in an effort to ensure security we have made it somewhat difficult for group members to use the site, or haven’t communicated enough reasons for members to use the site.

Going forward, in addition to the discussion of what changes to the site are needed, we need to decide:

  • What web hosting service to use
  • Whether we could use Mailchimp to simplify the newsletter process
  • Whether we want to look at other online channels for ‘carrying the message’ like Facebook
  • How we ensure that our meetings show up in prominent online meeting listings.  For instance, they have disappeared for some reason from the ‘Meeting Guide’ app

If anyone reading this is interested, please leave a comment below.



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  1. Happy to attend. Able to help.

    We don’t show up on the Meeting App because I think they are pulling meeting from the Greater Seattle Intergroup listings. The only SLSG meeting that come up on is the Tuesday 7pm meeting. I have no idea why.

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