The Home Group is where it all begins – a view from NAPA Intergroup

I found this while looking for examples of service position descriptions.  I thought it was pretty good!


The Home Group Concept The primary responsibility of a Home Group to its members is to be there, in addition to providing fellowship and association.


In the Home Group, people really get to know each other. They feel safe; they feel comfortable; they feel a sense of belonging. They share in each other’s problems and willingly help each other by telling about THEIR own experiences and solutions to similar problems. For the member to the Group, it is a source of strength and stability.


When members are new, they are shown many different meetings filled with a blur of different faces. In the beginning, this is okay, but the point is reached where it is necessary to identify with one place on a regular basis, the Home Group. It’s a safe place to feel comfortable with their new way of life. The faces are no longer a blur. They belong to real people. THIS IS WHERE THE HOME GROUP FIRST ENTERS INTO A MEMBER’S SOBRIETY! Time passes, and before you know it, you find yourself at a business meeting. A member begins to experience the UNORGANIZED ORGANIZATION OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. It becomes apparent that the Group Members are willing to be responsible for the happenings of that group. Almost immediately, members find themselves as coffee makers or greeters. IT HAPPENS SO FAST! It’s at this moment that members realize that the group has put faith and trust in them and is willing to give them a chance. Members make commitments to the group and NOW ARE ABLE TO BEGIN TO REACH OUT TO HELP OTHERS.

The Home Group reinforces the fact that A.A. is not just “stop drinking” and attend meetings. It fosters sharing and identifies the needed steps and traditions. The Home Group introduces service and the service structure to its’ members, which offer a new pathway to walk. THE HOME GROUP IS ACTUALLY A SPIRITUAL ENTITY WHICH LIVES WITHOUT REGARD TO SPACE AND TIME. MEMBERS KNOW THAT THEY  NEED THE HOME GROUP AND THAT THEY MUST DO THEIR SHARE TO KEEP IT GOING.

From the NAPA Valley AA Secretary Handbook
rev. 1/20/2002