Saturday Morning Meeting Meeting Representative (IMR)

Saturday Morning Discussion 7 am

Individual Meeting Representatives carry the views, concerns and opinions held by the members of the meeting they represent  to the Silver Lake business meeting.

Following our business meeting, they communicate the business meeting proceedings  back to their individual meeting and when necessary obtain a informed group conscience from those who attend.

Additionally, the IMR is responsible for:
  1. Identifying and advancing any issues or agenda items from their meeting to the group business meeting as necessary
  2. Ensuring that changes or updates to Group Announcements are communicated to the meeting chair
  3. Communicating any issues with the facility or supplies to the ‘logistics person’
  4. Ensuring that the meeting determines an appropriate term for the position and that the ‘spirit of rotation’ is maintained, and that this term is communicated to the group business meeting
  5. Being the principal point of email contact for the meeting between group business meetings
  6. Other such duties as the meeting may decide

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