Group Secretary

The Group Secretary takes notes so that they can prepare the official written record of the meeting, called the “minutes.”   Clear, accurate minutes are very important – they will be used to keep track of the group’s conscience, as well as unfinished business from previous business meetings.

Members are encouraged to use our online tools to bring up items to be included in the next business meeting, as well as to discuss or provide input to items posted.  This will allow the broadest possible representation in our group conscience, and make our meeting time more efficient by helping identify and summarize issues and discussions ahead of time.

The Secretary need not record everything that is said; the minutes are not a transcript, but a summary of the conversation and the decisions reached.

Minutes should include:

  • Reports from Trusted Servants such as the Treasurer, General Service Representative, Literature Representative, Individual Meeting Representatives, Logistics & Supplies Representative, Digital 12th Step Chair, and visitors if there were any were made during the meeting.
  • The exact wording of any motions introduced, and their fate (passed, defeated, referred to committee, or tabled)
  • If motions were referred to committee, make sure the group specifies the duties of the committee and when their report should be delivered to the full business meeting.

If at any time the Secretary is unclear about something, he/she should ask for clarification immediately to ensure that the reports, motions, decisions and group conscience are accurately recorded.

The Secretary can vote, introduce motions, and participate in discussion

The secretary is also typically responsible for sending out the minutes to the group members after the meeting.  These minutes should be reviewed and formally approved at the following meeting.

One Reply to “Group Secretary”

  1. Group Secretary = I take the minutes at the SLBM, and send out reminders and The minutes from the meeting. Typically business meetings have a person to take the minutes aka Secretary and another person who Runs/Chairs the meeting aka Chairperson. I’ve been doing both for the last year, but I think it is pretty hard to do. Maybe we can have two positions. 1. Meeting Chair, and 2. Secretary. The Secretary can take the minutes and send the emails. What do you think? What have you been accustomed to seeing at business meetings?