September 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2017

Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m.

  • In attendance: Tami (Chair), Debbie (Weds = IMR), Pam (Alt Treasurer), Brian(Sub-Treasurer), James (Alt. Digital 12 step Chair), Juan (Friday Chair), Greg (Literature), Becky (Secretary), Bruce (GSR), Len (Alt GSR), Steve (Friday IMR), Tim (Sunday meeting Chair), Jamie (Picnic committee), Stacey (Picnic & FNSM Cake), Monty (Tues. Chair), and Rick.
  • Minutes from August 1, 2017 were read by Becky. Bruce motion to accept, Debbie seconded. All in Favor

Treasurer Report

  • Total deposits $709.80, Outstanding checks = Ian $203.40, Advent = $300, Area 72 $250. Paid receipts Cakes = Safeway $44.29 and Costco $18.99. Available balance is $1,549.68.
  • Pam will add herself to the Chase Bank Account as Alternate Treasurer. After, Brian will remove himself from the account.

Debbie motion to accept, Becky seconded, All in favor

Literature Report

  • Greg says all is good. Only 6 Big Books left. We may need to order more soon.
  • Greg posted a Book Inventory List on the Bulletin Board. James motion to accept, Tim seconded.

GSR Report

  • Bruce has posted the GSR Report on to the SLSG website.
  • District 19 meeting was held August 30, 2017, 14 voting members in attendance.
  • Central Office in need of volunteers.
  • District 19 paid out to Area, GSO, Rent, and Storage Facility.
  • All but two service positions were filled.
  • The Area Assembly will be held October 6-8 in Shelton, WA. Bruce will attend but may not get there until Saturday October 7th.
  • District 19 Gratitude Banquet is November 4th. Becky motion to accept, James seconded.

Old Business

  • Stacey will be the new cake person for Friday Night Speaker’s Meeting
  • There were concerns regarding bullying of individuals because meetings aren’t being conducted to proper format. It is decided that each group decide how they wish to run their individual meetings.
  • Newcomers Meeting = Home group members took a group conscience and decided to change the verbiage so as to say the focus will be on the 1st three steps and they will continue to read out of the Experience, Strength, and Hope book.

New Business

  • We need an updated IMR list with e-mail and phone numbers to give to Jessica (Treasurer).
  • Garbage must be taken home after the meetings. We are not allowed to use the Church dumpster.
  • Steve made a motion that the Friday Night Speaker’s Meeting will hold a Quarterly AA & Alanon combination Speaker’s meeting. The meeting will include one AA and one Alanon Speaker. The duration of the meeting will be 1 12 hours. The details on the exact Friday of the month still needs to be worked out.   Motion to accept and all in favor.
  • Childcare still needs to be added to the SLSG Website and schedules.
  • Picnic = Stacey still needs volunteers to help set up and clean up after the Picnic. Friday night September 8, they will be dropping of various items for the picnic. She would like to set up a table to sell AA books.   Please call her if you can help out in any way. There are guys that are in need of rides to the picnic.

Bruce motioned to close meeting, Debbie seconded, all in favor.


Meeting adjourned 7:00 p.m.

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