March 2017 Business Meeting minutes

Silver Lake March 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m.
  • In attendance: Becky (Secretary), Tami (Chair, Weds Reflections), Grayden (Monday IMR), Brian (Treasurer), Steve (Friday IMR), Jessica (Sunday IMR), Greg (Literature), Jacob (Saturday IMR), Jeff (Tuesday IMR), Rick, Bruce (GSR).
Follow up items:
  1. All – Provide feedback on questions from our Area Delegate to Bruce P, our GSR
  2. James – Post revised Friday Night Speaker preamble
  3. Brian – Update Treasurer Position Description
  4. Patti –  Update Alternate Treasurer Position Description
  5. Becky – Finalize Secretary Position Description
  6. Tami – Create Meeting Chair position description, determine IMR service term
  7. Grayden – Determine IMR service term and sign up on website
  8. Steve – Determine IMR service term
  9. Jeff – Determine IMR service term
  10. Jacob – Determine IMR service term
Agenda Items
  • Friday Night Speaker Meeting
  1. James will redo preamble and post on Silver Lake Website.
  2. Steve will talk to James regarding the format that insures that the Traditions and Silver Lake Study Group Announcements are read.
  3. There were concerns about the basket being passed too soon. Steve will talk with James to figure out a good time to pass the basket.
Treasurer Report
  1. Checks made for books=$211.66, Coins=142.23, Coins=142.23, Costco 19.97, cake=$18.99, and Ian web host=$203.40. See attached reports.  
  2. We will make a total of $1,000 in donations leaving us with $354.40 in prudent reserve.
  3. Bruce made a motion to accept allotments even though we will go below our normal prudent reserves. Approved and accepted.
  • Literature Report
  • Greg will post report on Silver Lake Website.
GSR Report
  1. Corrections in need of volunteers. See Bruce if interested.  
  2. Snohomish County Central Office in need of volunteers and is running low on groups or individuals to be on phones after hours. Brian offered to volunteer.
  3. Stapling Party Potluck is April 22, 2017 at Sanctuary Covenant Church, flyer is on District 19 Website.
  4. District Delegate is going to General Service Conference soon. Bruce passed out Agenda Items, they are also available on the District 19 website.
  5. Bruce handed out the 2017 Pre-Conference Questions for The Groups. We did not have time to discuss/answer all of the questions.   Our group needs to answer the Pre-Conference Questions by March 16, 2017. Questions are posted on the Silver Lake Group Website. Please give us your feedback.        
New Business
Deferred Items
  • Position Descriptions each incumbent please review your description with the group.
  • Elections – Finalization of dates for terms and planned next election in August.
  • Form for Making motions.
  • Update on meeting listings on Area Website. (GSR)
Meeting Adjourned: 6:57 p.m.

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