July 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m. July 17 2011

  • In attendance: Tami (Chair), Ian (Digital 12 step Chair), Juan (Friday Chair), Linda, Leslie, Debbie (Weds = IMR), Greg (Literature), Jamie, Stacey (Friday Secretary), Jeff (T=IMR), Becky (Secretary), Monty, Bruce (GSR), Len (Alt GSR), and Ken.
  • Minutes from June 6, 2017 were read by Becky.  Bruce motion to accept, Tami seconded.  All in Favor

Treasurer Report

  • Report read by Bruce. Patti is now off of the bank list. She may have left the key in the lock box. Checks have not cleared but we are okay. Next month disbursements will be issued.   See attached report. Becky motion to accept Treasurer report, Debbie seconded. All in favor.

Literature Report

  • Greg says all is good. Bruce motion to accept Literature report, Bruce seconded. All in favor.

GSR Report

  • Bruce has posted the GSR Report on to the website.
  • District 19 is in good shape financially.
  • Still good support to move Ian’s motion to Area Assembly. There were some concerns in regards to anonymity.
  • District Conference Meeting Chair will discuss with Area delegate to find out if GSO is already working on this.
  • Discussion on retaining minutes on the District 19 meetings to keep records on what is being discussed.
  • Central Office is in need of volunteers. See Bruce if interested.
  • District newsletter is posted on the Bulletin Board.

Becky made a motion to accept, Debbie seconded, all in favor.

Old Business

  • No old business

New Business

  • Daily Reflections Women’s Meeting needs to have Childcare added to the SLSG Website and to the Meeting Schedules. This was done on the website.
  • Picnic = Stacey made flyers and the Picnic will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. A slip and slide was brought up, but may be too dangerous and liability for church.  Face painting for the kids.
  • Nadine is confirmed as a speaker and Monty is going to ask Calvin if he will speak as well.
  • Brian to find out if Church will allow us to set up at 10 a.m. and We will clean up at 3:30 p.m. We also need to find out how much the SLSG will pitch in for the picnic.
  • Len is bringing pulled pork! Yay!
  • Bruce made a motion to have Ian freshen up the Home page to make it more activity friendly and make the picnic more prominent on the website. All in favor
  • Bruce suggested that the Picnic Committee do a recap on the Picnic for future reference.
  • There was not a cake at the Friday Night Speaker’s Meeting on July 7th.
  • Stacey volunteered to bring the cake to the next Speaker’s meeting, August 4th. She will be the cake person until we vote on one.
  • There was concern that a flyer for an upcoming conference seemed to include a statement that there was a ‘$50 admission to a closed meeting’.  Bruce will bring this up for discussion at the next District Meeting

Meeting adjourned 6:50 p.m.

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