General Service Representative Service Position Description

Specific Duties

Experience or Skills Required

The makings of a good G.S.R. Two or three years’ sobriety is generally the required minimum. Active membership in a home group—yours—is also important, and your G.S.R. should hold no other offices in any group. Prior A.A. service experience provides a long head start for a G.S.R.’s success. Consider former group officers and members who have shouldered responsibility at your intergroup or central office or on special committees. Does your group include people who already have a keen interest in the Twelve Traditions and the service structure? If so, you’re in luck! Look for the same character qualities that mark a good trusted servant of any sort (and a good A.A.): patience, understanding, and a firm determination “to place principles before personalities.” Most future Conference delegates will come from the ranks of today’s G.S.R.s. So your choice now can help to insure good representation for your whole area in years to come and continuing vitality for our General Service Conference—the heart of our co-founders’ Third Legacy to all of A.A. Source:

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Term of Position

1 Year

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