February 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Silver Lake Business Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2017

Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m.

  • In attendance:  Becky (Secretary), Tami (Daily Reflections), Brian (Treasurer), Grayden (Monday IMR), Pam (Wednesday IMR), Patti (Alt Treasurer), Steve (Friday IMR), Greg (Literature), James (FNDG), Glen (Sunday IMR), Ian (GSR), Jeff (Tuesday IMR), Bruce (Alt GSR), Jacob (Saturday IMR), Stacey.
  • Minutes from January read by Becky. James made a motion to accept the minutes and Tami seconded.

Agenda Items

  • We still DO NOT have Individual Meeting Representatives registered on the website for the following meetings:
    • Monday
    • Wednesday
    • Friday

Please click HERE  to register so that we have a contact for each group.  It takes less than 1 minute.  Also, please determine the duration of your meeting’s IMR service position.  We agreed that each group would determine their own term.

  • Friday Night Speaker Meeting: James will update the format. He needs help with set up and secretarial duties. The group decided that;
    • the Secretary will pass the basket, sign slips, and delivery money (in envelope) to locked box.
    • Set up will be taken care of by the Friday meeting.
    • Clean Up be done by asking for volunteers.

The basket will be passed around while the Meeting Announcements are being read by the Chair and Chips will be passed out. This business will be done prior to the Speaker as not to be a distraction.

  • The following is a list of filled positions for the Friday Night Speaker meeting:  
    • Meeting Chair (James),
    • Secretary (Stacey),
    • Set up (Friday meeting),
    • Cake (Brian),
    • Speaker Coordinator (Ian).


  • GSR Bruce has been Alternate GSR for 1 year and has agreed to take on GSR for 1 year so that he completes his two year term. Then our new Alternate GSR (Len M), will move up next year thus completing a two year term. Brian motion to nominate Bruce for GSR, Tami seconded. Bruce motion to nominate Len for Alt GSR, Becky seconded. All in favor.
  • Treasurer  Brian’s term is up in August 2017.
  • IMR  Each meeting will elect its IMR (Individual Meeting Representative) and needs to determine the length of the term of the IMR, as well as any specific qualifications or specific duties.
  • Literature Greg’s term is up February 2018.
  • Secretary  Becky’s term is up February 2018. Bruce made a motion to separate Secretary and Meeting Chair, Grayden seconded. All in Favor.  We will draft a new Position Description for Meeting Chair for review and approval.
  • Silver Lake Business Meeting Chair  Tami
  • Digital 12 Step Chair   Ian M.  James C was nominated as Alternate, seconded, and voted in unanimously.
  • Friday Night Speaker Meeting Secretary  Bruce motion to nominate Stacey as Secretary, Brian seconded, All in Favor.  A new position description has been drafted and needs refinement prior to the next meeting.  It can be found here.

Literature Report

  • Greg will buy $200 worth of books.

Treasurer Report

  • Brian will give Greg $200 for literature and reimburse Ian $200 for the Web hosting fees. Brian will give us the full report next meeting because we ran out of time.

General Service Representative

  • Bruce had a report that he will read to us next month. We ran out of time.
  • A link to the Silver Lake Study Group Motion for a Survey of 2016 Area 72 Assembly participants is here

IMR Reports

  • No reports at this time

Logistics & Supplies

  • Diana was not in attendance, no report given.

Old Business

  • Briefly discussed issue regarding SLBM email and anonymity. Website should take care of that problem.

New Business

  • No new business. We ran out of time.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


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