Does your meeting have an IMR?

I've got news from the Business Meeting!

What’s an IMR, you might ask? Good question.

Silver Lake Study Group is composed of 7 meetings. In order to make sure that the group runs efficiently and according to the Group Conscience, we decided to create a service position within each group to ensure better overall communication after doing a group inventory. The role of the Individual Meeting Representative (IMR) is to attend the monthly 1 hour business meeting the first Tuesday of each month to represent the meeting and also to communicate relevant information back to the meeting.

Also, from time to time there’s a need to communicate things like church policy changes, special events that might affect our meetings etc. Having a list of IMRs allows us to make sure that at least one person from each meeting is aware of the relevant news.

Please discuss this at your next meeting, and if your group doesn’t have an IMR, appoint one. The term of the IMR is up to your meeting’s Group Conscience. Some meetings have decided on 6 months.

You can provide your meeting’s IMR information HERE

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