August 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2017

Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m.

  • In attendance: Tami (Chair), Pam (Alt Treasurer), Jessica (Treasurer) Sunday (IMR), Ian (Digital 12 step Chair), Juan (Friday Chair), Debbie (Weds = IMR), Greg (Literature), Becky (Secretary), Bruce (GSR), Steve (Friday IMR), Tim (Sunday meeting Chair), Jessica, and Ken.
  • Minutes from July 11, 2017 were read by Becky. Bruce motion to accept, Jessica seconded. All in Favor

Treasurer Report

  • Total deposits $733.93, Outstanding checks = Ian $203.40, Advent = $300. Paid Lowes for $4.35 to get another key for drop box. Available balance is $2,139.88. Ian motion to accept, Tami seconded, All in favor
  • Update: Jessica and Pam are now the contacts with Jennifer and Jessica is added to the bank account. I’ll come off the account when we add Pam.
  • Lowe’s was able to make a replacement key for the drop box so we’re good there. Patti wasn’t able to find hers.
  • The picnic budget two years ago was $200

Literature Report

  • Greg says all is good.
  • Ken was concerned that groups do not know where the books are for sale or how much they cost. Greg says that all books have the price inside of the cover.   Becky made a motion for Greg to post a list in the cabinet of Books price list. Jessica seconded and all in favor.

GSR Report

  • Bruce has posted the GSR Report on to the SLSG website.
  • District 19 has $1,296 over prudent reserve and the will hold off 1 month for paid disbursements because annual Church rent payment is due soon.
  • District Conference Meeting Chair discussed with Area delegate and found out that GSO is already working on a You Tube site. No detail on timeline but knows its in the works.
  • Per our Group Conscience concerning No Reservation flyer and violation of traditions, this was brought up and initiated a discussion of Who is the Gatekeeper of flyers put on the District 19 website. Flyers must be identified if they are not a district event. It will be cleaned up.
  • There was a discussion to have a YPAA district chairperson. No vote was taken.
  • All meetings are current on the Area website. Bruce still needs to add Childcare to the Wednesday Women’s meeting.

Old Business

  • No old business (We forgot to address the old business of the official Friday Night Cake Person).


New Business

  • Daily Reflections Women’s Meeting needs to have Childcare added the district Meeting Schedules. The website has already been updated
  • Ken brought up concerns regarding the Sunday Night Beginner’s Meeting. They are supposed to be studying the first 3 steps but they are reading out of the “Experience, Strength, and Hope”, book. Some of this book has stories from members of AA before the Steps and Traditions were developed, thus causing confusion to Newcomers.
  • Ken will bring the suggested format for beginner’s meetings to the Sunday meeting so they can discuss it.
  • Ken raised the importance of the Informed Group Conscience in making decisions.  Ian also pointed out that the Group Conscience process creates an opportunity to show the traditions in action and share that part of the program with newcomers.  Jessica pointing out the challenges in making this work in the Sunday meeting as there is a high ‘turnover’ of new people making the process more challenging to manage.
  • Jessica will suggest a business meeting for that Sunday meeting so they have a place to discuss their meeting issues.

Tami motioned to close meeting, Debbie seconded, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned 6:50 p.m.

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