April 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Silver Lake Business Meeting Minutes
April 4,2017
Meeting Opened – 6:00 p.m.
In attendance: Tami (Chair), Becky (Secretary), Grayden (M=IMR), Jesse (M), Jessica (Sunday IMR), Pam (W=IMR), Steve (F=IMR), Brian(Treasurer), Greg (Literature), Steve, Glen (Alt GSR), Bruce (GSR, T, TH, & Sat IMR).
Minutes from March 7, 2017 were read by Becky. Jessica motion to accept, Bruce seconded.

Treasure Report
We have $1,500 in outstanding checks. Coffee $51.05, Cake $18.99. The following contributions were made: District 19 = 203.40, Area 72=$250, GSO=$250, Advent $250, Advent $300. Total deposits $656.55. Available balance is $699.15. Bruce motion to accept Treasurer Report, Pam Seconded.
Literature Report
Greg says Literature looks good. Pam was issued 5 Daily Reflections Books for the Wednesday DR Meeting. Jessica was issued 12 Big Books for the Sunday Big Book Study. Tami motion to accept Literature Report, Brian Seconded.
GSR Report
Pre Conference – Pre-conference meeting was attended a few weeks ago and nothing actionable came out of discussions. There were concerns that the questions posted weren’t exactly clear. It was identified that “WE” need to get better at carrying the message to our Native American and Military communities.
Nothing was resolved as far as updating the pamphlets even though there was discussion.
District = Bruce will post the Feb. cash flow and District Newsletter on the Bulletin Board. Our group voted against the District spending $60 for Blinds (12 Steps & 12 Traditions) for a meeting that is held once a month.
Bridging the Gap= Helps with transition out of treatment centers into the real world such as giving rides to meetings, and taking phone calls. They are in need of help. Jamie is the contact and chair. Her email is: jamiekane98270@comcast.net
Bruce asked if we as District should bring the issue of AA Accessibility via social media to GSC. District 19 feels like there needs to be a clear starting point and would like us to make a statement (declaration statement) that is designed to spur conversation at the General Service Conference. We just want GSO to reach out to young people. We had a discussion tonight as to whether or not we think there is a need for you tube. We also need to decide if the Silver Lake Study Group wishes to proceed with the statement.
Grayden made a motion to not go forward with this issue because there is AA.org which provides online accessibility. We took a vote and it was tied. A motion was made to table this discussion until next month and It was seconded.
Old Business
Steve says that James came up with a new format for the Friday Night Speakers Meeting and will use it this week. We are not sure if it is posted on the website.
Form for Making Motions. We did not discuss.
New Business
Jesse says that Monday’s Big Book Study Meeting is now an Open Meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. and is an hour and a half. This needs to be changed on the schedule.
Glen will add Sober Activities to the website so we can be informed.
What about Picnic? We need to discuss at our next meeting. Agenda Item.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:00 p.m.

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