Agenda for July 11th 2017 Business Meeting

Discussion Topics:

Business meeting motion tool for website

Ian would like to discuss a tool for the website where we’d enter motions to create a permanent record of decisions we make.  

The purpose would be for members to easily find records of our decisions and thought process if the issues come up again the the future.

As with the Position Descriptions, this is to help inform the Group Conscience over time as new members take on service roles.

Picnic Update

What help does the Picnic Committee need?  How should we ‘promote’ the picnic?

Treasurer Position update

Do we have a complete Treasurer Position Description that identifies all of the duties in sufficient detail to allow someone new to fulfill this role?

Service Position Reports

  1. Treasurer
  2. Individual Meeting Representatives
  3. General Service Representative
  4. Literature
  5. Digital Twelfth Step

Other New Business

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